If you use prepaid SIM, you probably don’t have to pay more than Rs 100 on monthly bill

If you use prepaid SIM, you probably don’t have to pay more than Rs 100 on monthly bill: How much mobile data do you need? And how much money you spend on it? The very important question and answers to these questions will be different from user to user.

But as per the current data plans offered by telecom companies, which includes, Jio and Airtel, chances are that most people don’t require to spend more than Rs 100 if they are using a pre-paid SIM card.

The rates have fallen so much from the last six months that now Rs 100 will receive enough data (and call value) to last you 28 days, which is the duration of most telecom plans these days.

Let further read this. If you see the usage which is likely to get on a phone, mostly people deal with this 2GB data. Apart from using some 4G or 3G data daily, people will be perhaps sent a few SMS and will make some calls.

So if there is a pre-paid plan which offers public some 2GB high-speed data, unlimited calls and several hundred messages for 28 days, these will be enough anyway!

Sure, there will be some users who tend to be connected all the time using their phones, then they need to watch some videos, related to the prepaid SIM.

For then, if 2GB may not be enough

Usage exceeds, then the 2GB data somewhat, there are ways to manage.

Like, if and when you are in your office or at home, you can use Wi-Fi. This will drastically reduce your cellular data use. And even if that is not a possibility, chances are that if you don’t YouTube videos or Facebook videos or don’t download every WhatsApp video which you will be received, you can manage fine in 2GB data.

And as of now, there are two plans that will be helpful for the public. One is the Rs 99 pre-paid plan from Airtel and the other is Rs 98 plan from Jio. Vodafone is perhaps also having the same kind of plan, but the company advertises that. So You need to ask to your nearest Vodafone dealer.

Jio Rs 98 plan: Jio offers 2GB data along with unlimited voice calling, 300 SMS and Jio apps subscription for 28 days. So, basically public received almost everything that they will be needed in a phone plan with it. National roaming is included for both data and calls.

Airtel Rs 99 plan: Airtel has refurbished the Rs 99 plan and which is now offers 2GB data along with unlimited calling as well as 100 free SMS daily. This is again a complete plan as this offers both calling and data benefit. National roaming also consists of both data and calls.

Now, something important bit to remember: Some of you may need more data. Like, if you connect your phone to Wi-Fi in the evening at your home, or when you are watching videos on it, 2GB 4G data that will be more than enough.

But what if you can’t access Wi-Fi and you do tend to stream videos. Now you will have spent some more money, around Rs 60 to be precise. If you spend around Rs 160 on your monthly plan, then you can choose from following prepaid phone plans.

Jio Rs 149 plan: Jio offers 1.5GB data per day along with unlimited voice calls, data and SMS benefit for 28 days at Rs 149. There is 100 SMS per day and also access to Jio apps under this plan.

Airtel Rs 149 plan: And very akin to these, the Jio, Airtel too offers Rs 149 prepaid plan. This one gives users unlimited local, STD and national roaming calls along with 1GB data per day. It also gives users 100 SMS with the daily limit for 28 days.

Jio Rs 198 plan: Jio offers 2GB data per day alongside the unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day and access to Jio apps for 28 days. This is also one god plan as you will be getting both data and calling benefits under Rs 200.

Vodafone Rs 198 plan: Vodafone offers 1.4GB 3G/4G data per day along with unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day for 28 days. Though this is slightly expensive relative to Jio and Airtel plans, unluckily for Vodafone users this is what the company advertises, however, if you talk to your local Vodafone dealer he may offer some better plan too.

Important: You may not see the plans discussed here on the websites of Airtel and Vodafone. However, the Jio plans you can see on the Jio website. This is because Jio plans are offered to all users in almost all regions, Airtel and Vodafone are selective in offering their plans on the various occasion have different rates as per the different regions as well as for different consumers too.