IIFA Awards 2016 : Sanjay Dutt feels Ignored at the Event

IIFA Awards 2016 : Sanjay Dutt feels Ignored at the Event : Sanjay Dutt is the hot trend of headlines always. This time, Sanjay is in headlines to ditch the IIFA event. We might have seen photographs of Sanjay Dutt from the green carpet of IIFA Rocks 2016 which was carried on this year in Spain. But ever thought why there are not any of the pictures of Sanjay from the main awards night?


We explain you why! Turns out Dutt felt generously neglected at IIFA this year. Yes! Sanjay was pretty much in Spain while IIFA this year. He even made it to the press conference and IIFA Rocks, but promptly realised how everybody was treating him like one least well-known celebrity.

He felt he wasn’t receiving the equal celestial treatment like other celebs. Dunno about why such a negligence, Dutt then chose to skip the main awards night, notwithstanding being already in the city. Surprising right?

Sanjay Dutt was not happy with the style he was attended at the night and felt that people insolenced him and he was taken for granted like the least significant personality of IIFA. Unhappy Sanjay Dutt stepped away from the event in hatred.

Sanjay Dutt left the IIFA Awards 2016 and was busy wandering the roads of Madrid and a lot of followers detected him and finished up taking selfies.

What’s more is that hosts Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar too had intended a tiny little mime- Sanjay’s style. It was a 5-minute mime where the starting rap was specially inscribed for Sanjay and he was also assumed to accompany them on stage. However, thinking Dutt surprisingly gave the awards night a leap, Shahid and Farhan had no choice but to implement it on their own. Now don’t be so upset! This is accurately what happens after the fascinating faces that you see while an awards manifest.

While we are still to find out why Sanjay Dutt thought so separated out from the Bollywood pack. What do you imagine? Do you assume it’s fair to neglect Sanjay? Or further, do you consider Sanjay should have avoided the awards night this way? Tell us in the comments here.

Meantime, here are Sanjay Dutt’s photos from IIFA this year….


Later he spotted with a fan.