IIT Madras: PhD Scholar attempted Suicide in a Hostel Room

IIT Madras: PhD Scholar attempted Suicide in a Hostel Room: You all should know that 25-Year-old women who were doing research found dead in Jharkhand. Reports are coming that she was found hanging in her hostel room in Indian Institute of Technology Jharkhand. Police has found her body in Madras late on Tuesday. Overall, things aren’t going good and we are expecting that the student has been identified as Rajana Kumari who had joined IIT Madras in 2017.

Woman Ph.D scholar ends life in IIT-Madras

Also, the Kotturpuram Police has confirmed, “Ranjana Kumari was doing PhD in metallurgy and materials engineering. When her parents tried to contact her through mobile, it was kept in switch off mode since Sunday. Therefore, they informed Ranjana Kumari’s friends to identify her. When they looked into Kumari’s room, she was found hanging.”

We think that the Ranjana did not come out of her hostel room on December 31 for New Year celebrations. After that everybody started suspecting that she isn’t in good condition. Police claimed that they have registered the FIR and under the suicide case. Also, they are working under the theory that why it really happened at the first place. As far we have enquired, no one has said that Ranjana was in distress,” said an enquiry officer.

Overall, it is a serious thing because these types of incidents are kept on happening and everyone is worried. Reports are coming that the she was the final year student of oceanography from Kerala and she was also found hanging inside his hostel room at IIT Madras in September last year.