IITM: Brother Blames Supervisor For IIT-Madras Student’s Death Case Details

We are back to you with a recent update about a suicide case that happened on 31st March at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). It was reported at that time that a student named Sachin Kumar, who was pursuing Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering committed suicide. In a recent development, His brother has filed a complaint against his Ph.D. supervisor and sent an email to the university with an attachment in Hindi letter accusing the supervisor to be the reason for his brother’s death. We are recalling back Sachin’s suicide case.

Brother Blames Supervisor For IIT-Madras

Bhavesh Jain, the deceased brother has appealed to the university heads to take the action against the responsible person. Sachin who was a Ph.D. research scholar at the mechanical engineering department was a native of West Bengal and was living in Velachery at Chennai. He was found dead in his room by his friends. By looking at his Whatsapp status – ” I am sorry, I am not good enough.” his friends reached his residence where they found him hanging in the room. He was declared dead after the examination.

Brother Blames Supervisor For IIT-Madras Students

The brother has told that the victim was facing mental health issues due to the pressure of the research. And the supervisor despite knowing added extra pressure on him. Brother has further added that Supervisor’s attitude lead to the low self-esteem of his brother which pushed him to take this extreme step. It is of concern for the university that since Feb 2023 three students have committed suicide at IITM. Students and their families were demanding for conducting mental health surveys for a long time.

It was admitted by the IIT that no doubt Sachin Jain was holding an exemplary academic and research record which is a big loss to the research community. Bhavesh Kumar Jain also incriminated the institute that his brother’s access to the lab was also restricted as the victim shared with the family. The brother also told that the victim once shared that his degree would be delayed as the supervisor is forcing him to do more assignments.

As the institute faced three consecutive suicides of students, People are protesting against the management and are demanding to take action against IITM director- V Kamokoti. Students have also emphasized the student-professor relationships of the research scholars and are also annoyed by the fewer facilities at the institute’s medical center. On the other hand, the Director of the institute is pointing towards personal reasons, financial stress, and health issues of the students behind these incidents. This matter is of great concern for new Engineering aspirants as people got frightened by these horrifying incidents. Stay updated for recent news……….

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