‘I’m not pregnant nor marrying anytime soon : Deepika Padukone

‘I’m not pregnant nor marrying anytime soon : Deepika Padukone : The charismatic lovebird Ranveer & Deepika  has been in the news for a quite while for their love relation. These two are together, since their first Bollywood venture “Ramleela”.


The chemistry has flourished as the time passes and then, again both were seen in another 2015 released movie “Bajiraomastaani”.

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This movie earned a lot of praise for both these lovebirds and the whole Bollywood industries along with the millions of fans appreciated the chemistry between them.

In between all these, news of the engagement of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone has shaken the Bollywood Industries.

But, there was no official announcement of their engagement but Hema Malini’s tweet including the good wishes for the Deepika Padukone.

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Although, later she retweeted to clear the confusion and wrote on her social media handle that I was wishing another Deepika who was following me, not the Deepika Padukone”

There was a lot of buzz about this issue and everyone was talking  something different the relationship of Ram and Leela.

But the latest news is coming out that, Deepika has cleared all the buzz about the engagement with the Ranveer Singh.

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She mentioned in an interview that ” I am not engaged to anyone, I am not gonna marry , I am not pregnant”.

Well, from this statement it looks clear that she is not in a mood to marry, at least for 2 years. This has cleared every buzz and now we are waiting for the reply of Ranveer Singh on this matter.

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