Impressive! Sairat 41st Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Report

Impressive! Sairat 41st Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Report :- Well, few days Back Ritesh Deshmukh said that “it’s good to see regional Marathi movies doing so good business than commercial Movies and that’s good”. And he is right about that statement because recently a Marathi Movie became reason of talk. Everybody is talking about the movie “Sairat”. So people who watched the movie saying that the movie is so good and must watch.

Sairat  Box Office Collection

Sairat Box Office Collection

Sairat  Box Office Collection

Also, Movie get good reviews from the critics and still running good in cinemas after finishing the five good weeks in cinema and that’s quite good. Movie collected lot more than expectations. I think that’s so cool point about the movie and I loved it. Suddenly everybody talking about the actor and actress of the movie and the both collected lot’s of fame and extra money from the movie and that’s good for both of them.

One important thing to keep in mind is the theatres list is increasing day by day due to the audience’s love and impact of the film. Marathi audience proved that a good film with perfect content and direction with appropriate screenplay will surely receive a great response from them. Actors have done a decent job and justice to their roles in the movie.

The movie has Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar in main leading role and they both are looking good also movie doing great business like expected from the makers and that is good I think movie can do better performance like expected by Critics and after receiving good reviews I can see the potential in movie.

Movie collected between 80 crore from the 5 weeks and that’s so good. I think people still attracting towards the movie and that’s why the movie doing so good business and that’s so cool. On the other hand story, direction, screenplay, and all other things in perfect place. And that’s why people outside the regional states coming out to watch this movie in good numbers.

Well, this Movie didn’t just collect that much earnings. Also the movie set the record or you can say momentum for the Marathi movie. And also I think this movie is positive massage for all the Regional Movie makers that they can make much money if the plot is correct.