Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan: No Point In Talking To India Any More

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan: No Point In Talking To India Any More :- Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again complained about the non-responsive behaviour of India to his calls for talks and also warned of an escalation in tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries.

Imran Khan: No Point In Talking To India Any More

In an interview to The New York Times, a day after he had a telephonic conversation with US President Donald Trump, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “There is no point in talking to them, I mean, I have done all the talking. Unfortunately, now when I look back, all the overtures that I was making for peace and dialogue, I think they took it for appeasement. There is nothing more that we can do.”

Apart from this, the Pakistan Prime Minister also expressed his concerns over rising tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

Meanwhile, according to India, it can: chiefly, cut links with terrorism, as it was separately conveyed to the publication’s editorial board by Indian Ambassador to the US, Harsh Vardhan Shringla. Shringla said, “Our experience has been that every time we have taken an initiative toward peace, it has turned out badly for us. We expect Pakistan to take credible, irreversible and verifiable action against terrorism.”

Earlier on July 22 during a meeting with Trump at the White House, Imran Khan expressed his frustration with the lack of response from India to calls for dialogue, and with a bank of TV cameras on them, went on to appeal to the American leader to “mediate and resolve this issue.”

Khan laid out the same argument then as in the interview: Pakistan has tried its best, “made all overtures to India to start a dialogue, resolve our differences through dialogue. But unfortunately, we haven’t made headways as yet.”

However, the Pakistani prime minister went on to raise the spectre of escalation. “My worry is that this can escalate and for two nuclear-armed countries, it should be alarming for the world what we are facing now.”

Meanwhile, India has dismissed such repeated warnings by Khan. Recently in New Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said, “From their side, they would like to project a panic situation, the international community does not think there is a war-like situation. It is a ploy to deflect attention.”