In a shocking Blunder – Facebook translates Hindi cuss word to Muslim

In a shocking Blunder – Facebook translates Hindi cuss word to Muslim :- The Giant Social media Networking Site – Facebook is the major space for interaction between people across the world but also has faced flak in the past for pulling down sketches against the establishment and for pulling down breast cancer awareness videos. But, recently it landed itself in a controversy when it translated an Indian cuss word to Muslim.


Facebook offers to translate sentences in regional languages to English for the convenience of users, but when a Facebook user typed – Maro Mada*c**d in Devanagari script, Facebook translated it as – Die Muslim.


The word ‘Mada*c**d’ translates to ‘Mother****er’ but the error on part of Facebook is a very disastrous one given the state of communal tensions in India.


The issue sparked off an outrage on social media. After the outrage on social media, Facebook released a statement saying that it was a bug which gave incorrect translations of cuss words. They further added that the translation has been corrected and the said word is now translated as ‘Idiot’, while the team is working on ways to avoid such unfortunate situations.