In Delhi, dust storm on Tuesday may bring respite from heat

In Delhi, dust storm on Tuesday may bring respite from heat: Post a gruelling week, in which, Delhi, the mercury soared up to 45 degrees Celsius, resultant in a heat wave, the weather department is expecting some relief in the coming days.

In New Delhi, the regional weather forecasting centre has predicted that there could be a dust storm on Tuesday, followed by rain and a thundershower can take place on Wednesday.

This can bring down the temperature to around 41 degrees.

On Sunday, the day temperature at Safdarjung, that is considered to be a representative of the city’s weather, was recorded to be 44.2 degrees Celsius. This was the degrees above normal.

“This is not a heat wave condition. The heat wave is a condition when the maximum temperature of a place shoots beyond 40 degrees Celsius and it is at least five degrees above the normal,” said by, a senior scientist, Kuldeep Srivastava, with the regional weather forecasting centre.

Although, the core city didn’t record a heat wave, other areas like Palam, Aya Nagar, and the Ridge area, experienced heat wave as the temperature in these areas was around five degrees above the normal.

At the same time, as at Palam the mercury touched 45.8 degrees Celsius, at Aya Nagar and the Ridge area the day temperature was recorded to be 45.9 degrees and 44.9 degrees correspondingly.

The city, Delhi had recorded the season’s first heat wave on Saturday at the period when the mercury shot up to 45 degrees, which was five degrees above the normal.

“We are expecting a dust storm on Tuesday followed by some rain on Wednesday. This could bring down the temperature to around 41 degrees by Wednesday in all places including Safdarjung, Palam, Aya Nagar and the Ridge area,” said Srivastava.

Officials said that while a western disturbance is forthcoming, moisture laden easterly winds are all set to gather strength.

The intense heat, the approaching western disturbance and the moisture being brought by the easterly winds are cobblestone the way for some rain which, in turn, can bring some relief, this week.