In letter to kejriwal AAP MLA accuses party leaders of exploiting women in Punjab

In letter to kejriwal AAP MLA accuses party leaders of exploiting women in Punjab : As the Aam Aadmi Party continues to fight to save the party image which was damaged by the sex CD scandal of AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar, a new trouble is coming for the Kejriwal camp because an MLA has now accused other leaders of AAP Punjab Unit of exploiting women in poll-bound Punjab in return for political favours.



As per the reports that Devinder Sehrawat who is MLA of AAP, has written a letter to party convenor and Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, claiming that leaders in Punjab were taking advantage of women by promising them election tickets in the Punjab state.

He in the letter said that he received disturbing reports of Aam Aadmi Party leaders exploiting women in return for election candidature.

However, AAP has rubbished the claims of Sehrawat and said that Sehrawat has no proof to back up his allegations.

Sehrawat told The Indian Express that I was perturbed by it all. There were talks about these things, there was information on the social media and there was told information. This is a sensitive matter. It is not possible to get evidence right away. I was alarmed and its my duty by pointing it out.

The statements of Sehrawat only add to endless woes of AAP. The party had to face a lot of embarrassment and political heat last week after a sex sting of Sandeep Kumar viral in the media. On Sunday, the sacked leader was booked on the charges of rape.

Following the sex scandal, Kejriwal had asserted that he will prefer to die than stray from the principle of AAP, adding the same rule will apply to himself and all other senior leaders of the party.