In Telangana 1990 farmers Since 2015

In Telangana 1990 farmers Since 2015 :- In the state, Telangana 1990 farmers since 2015 and this is sad and crucial news which is making headlines now as well as the news is going viral on the social site and the internet.

1,990 farmers ended life in 2 years, says Telangana government which is considered as very shocking news. As around 1,990 peasants’ lost their lives in the state Telangana state during the past two years and this case should not be taken as lightly as this is something a massive number of deaths witnessed in the state.

In Telangana 1990 farmers Since 2015

On the last week, the state government admitted in a report submitted to the Rajya Sabha Committee on Government Assurances. The Telangana government stated that 1,358 farmers had embraced death by killing themselves in 2015 and 632 farmers in 2016 committed suicide, due to crop loss and debt burden.

In the bulk number of the peasants, who committed suicide, had sown commercial crops.

The state government had stated that the figures of the farmer’s suicides as per the National Crime Records Bureau, are not always because of crop loss or bad production, but due to sometimes for the personal reasons too.

The Rajya Sabha committee, headed by Mr. Satish Chandra, has been doing a tour all states to assess the state of agriculture, farmers’ suicides, and measures and process taken by governments for the farmers.

The farmers’ death by committing suicide is always a major issue in the country. Some areas of India receive massive rains while others regions suffer due to droughts, especially, the regions comprising of Telangana, Vidharbha, and parts of Chatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh suffered from frequent droughts and scanty rain falls.

This lead to lower productions by farmers and they find it difficult to pay the loan amount. Eventually, they commit suicide out of extreme depression and hopelessness.