Income Tax department seized Rs Rs 3.25 crore in old notes in Karol Bagh area of Delhi

Income Tax department seized Rs Rs 3.25 crore in old notes  in Karol Bagh area of Delhi :- 5 This morning Delhi Police joined hands with the Income Tax department and together they raided a hotel in Karol Bagh and recovered Rs 3.25 crore in demonetised notes. In the raid, the Police has arrested five men and further investigating are going on from them. According to the reports, Police got the information from informers about these five people carrying such big amount and then, the Delhi Police contacted Income Tax, and they seized 3.25 crores in old notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

The reports suggest that the raid was carried out ate last night at Taksh Inn in Karol Bagh and found five persons in two rooms of the hotel carrying a total amount of Rs 3.25 crore. Meanwhile, the five men have identified as the Ansari Abuzar, Fazal Khan, Ansari Affan, Ladu Ram and Mahaveer Singh but it is believed that all the five people are just the carrier and the money belongs to some Mumbai-based hawala operators.

In an interaction with the media wing, the Police official said that ” all these five people are the packaging experts and their job was to pack these notes in numbers of the suitcase so that they cannot get detected on the airport and at security checks. The tape used in packaging can pass through the rays of X-Ray and hence they did not detect at the airport.”

For now, the Income Tax Department has seized the amount and now, they are investigating the mobile phone of this five person to get the access of the owner of the money and even they will be looking to caught him too.