5 Practices To Increase Efficiency In Your Software Development Pipeline

There are several reliable practices to increase efficiency in your software development pipeline. Modern software development teams are turning to new methodologies to meet growing consumer demand for speed and precision. To support dynamic changes, many teams are turning away from traditionally used waterfall methodologies. Instead, teams are turning to new strategies like agile software development. Agile pipeline models are known for their built-in flexibility and continuous learning capabilities that optimize program delivery time. While some teams are able to manage agile and waterfall together, switching to a more agile solution entirely has been effective for many teams.  Read on for the top practices to increase efficiency in your software development pipeline.

Organize Pair-Programming

Firstly, you can organize pair-programming in your software development team to increase your pipeline’s efficiency. Pair-programming is a strategy that involves two people, such as the developer and the tester working on the same screen simultaneously. There are many variants of pairings that you can use in this programming model. For example, you might consider strong-pairing, TDD-driven variants, and driver/navigator styles. The premise behind pair-programming is to deliver higher-value programs while remaining more efficient. Under this strategy, many development teams have boasted more eyes on written code, increased collaboration, and shared ownership.

Implement Microservices Architecture

Another top practice to drive efficiency in your software development pipeline is to implement microservices architecture. Microservice architecture has offered dozens of valuable benefits for back end development pipelines. Essentially, this architecture serves as a solution that provides a small set of services, each serving a single function. Due to their simplicity, microservices streamline implementation, deployment, and upgrades within your development process. Because microservices can be deployed independently, it’s easier to deliver new software versions faster. This practice also improves fault isolation, as the rest of the services continue to run optimally even if one microservice is not functioning properly. To increase efficiency in your team’s software development pipeline, it is essential to implement microservices architecture.

Integrate A Helm Repository

You can also streamline your software development cycle by integrating a Helm repository. JFrog Helm repositories can offer your development team privacy, access control, and widely scalable storage for advanced enterprise management. In addition, an advanced artifactory utilizes REST API to fully automate your Helm charts to your Kubernetes clusters. Since the container is a universal software repository, it supports all your major package formats with extensive metadata for nearly any development technology. To optimize your software development, it is imperative to integrate a Helm repository.

Utilize Continuous Integration

Moreover, your software team can utilize continuous integration (CI) to optimize your software development process. With CI, your team automates the integration of code changes from multiple distributors to one software project. Typically, this process is composed of automatic tools that verify code’s accuracy prior to integration. CI utilizes a source code version control system along with other checks such as syntax review tools and quality checks. CI helps detect errors early on in the software development process to decrease bug accumulation. Utilizing continuous integration can help your software team minimize risk and save error detection time throughout your development process.

Employ Cloud-Hosted Infrastructure

Furthermore, employ cloud-hosted infrastructure to increase efficiency in your software development pipeline. As with many other departments of your business, cloud-based technologies have benefited industries across the globe. This new serverless function allows for the direct upload and execution of individual code functions. In addition, cloud-hosted paradigms enable software engineers to write and upload a simple code function that takes input and returns the output. By exposing this code function on a URL, programs are easily accessible for your software team. In many cases, cloud-hosted infrastructure also offers a faster-operating speed across your development pipeline. Employ cloud-hosted infrastructure to streamline your software delivery pipeline.

There are several top practices to increase efficiency in your software development pipeline. Taking the time to reevaluate your delivery pipeline, you can often integrate several solutions that enhance quality, speed, and productivity. For example, you can organize pair-programming to maximize efficiency and quality in your code development. You can also implement microservices architecture to improve fault isolation and achieve faster program delivery.

Another practice to increase efficiency is to integrate a Helm repository. In addition, you can utilize continuous integration to automate code changes. Furthermore, employ cloud-hosted infrastructure for faster-operating speeds and streamlined procedures. Before you deploy your next software project, consider the procedures mentioned above to revamp your software delivery pipeline. When properly followed these development tips can improve your code quality significantly. Consider the points above to learn about top practices to increase efficiency in your software development pipeline.

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