Increase the Quality of Your Site With Structured Data

Even after the success marketing professionals have had driven by search engine optimization, there are plenty of aspects of SEO that are still unknown and being tested. The major search engines haven’t disclosed the details behind why some websites rank higher than others or which site attributes are favored higher than others. Additionally, continual updates to search algorithms throw off SEO agencies and flip research on its head. Fortunately, experts in the field of digital marketing have figured out some of the measurable pieces of this challenging puzzle.

Helping Search Engines Crawl

We have been given some information from top search engines and successful marketing professionals have tested search algorithms through single variable tests to uncover which website attributes increase digital marketing and SEO efforts. For example, we know that keywords are used to rank websites because Google provides some directions on proper keyword usage. Their keyword planner even assists website designers in picking the perfect words to add to content. Industry experts know that page speed is a relevant factor as Google has handed the optimization industry Googles own PageSpeed Insights testing tool. We also know that search engines conduct automated crawls of each website to better understand how the website should be ranked in search results.

Using available information, running tests and connecting the dots, experts are able to build websites with specific attributes search engines reward higher and that can help deliver higher conversion rates. SEO agency experts use tactics to out-rank competitors and deliver user-specific content that also feeds search engines valuable data that search algorithms are looking for. One tactic to help search engines read and record information is incorporating Structured Data into site page design.

What Is Structured Data

Structured data is also known as schema or schema mark up. It’s how machines are able to read the data in a specific structure or code that allows them to easily understand how to categorize the page content.  In a recent article, Winston Burton proclaims that structured data is more than an SEO strategy. According to his article, schema commonly gets mislabeled by everyone from novice web designers to marketing experts. However, the language used to instruct the machines on how to interpret data on websites may be manipulated to the advantage of those who have time to dedicate to understanding the process. The gains of learning to use structured data on your site include an increase in website traffic.

Why Is Structured Data So Important?

Think of data structuring as you think of learning a foreign language. It might be difficult to speak a new language at first, but a little practice will help you get your message across to more users. Large businesses have devoted time and resources into understanding how to utilize schema correctly. Burton’s article also mentions using a website called to assist in correctly structuring your data.

While making use of SEO tactics, structuring your data to be easier for machines to read will help increase conversions made through a website. In addition to increasing conversion rates, schema code will make it easier for search robots to scan, learn, and record information about content on a specific website page. Major online retailers have seen that schema assists in supporting local profiles for businesses and establishing a local presence.

Avoid Spamming Search Engines

When you are implementing any new techniques to help your business grow, it’s important to be cautious to avoid any repercussions that might occur. If you’re experiencing good traffic on your website, you may be able to increase it by implementing the use of structured data. However, don’t rush to make changes to your website without researching the best ways to add structured data without upsetting search engines. If you make your website too spammy, you might end up getting notices from search engines to make changes on your site.

This strategy should be implemented in addition to the myriad of SEO strategies that marketing professionals recommend to boost your brand’s ranking on popular search engines. Organic traffic is hard to find, but it’s possible to rank high for specific keywords for which consumers are likely to search on the web. Utilizing structured data will help show search engines that your website is worth sharing.

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