Inderjeet Singh Brought A Gold Medal To Home

Inderjeet Singh Brought A Gold Medal To Home : Inderjeet Singh, the son of India won a gold medal in shot-put at world university games in Gwangju, South Korea and created a history since he is the first one to win so for our country. Despite struggling in his first throw he somehow managed to gain control over the game and won the title. He encountered a foul in his first attempt and later on shocked everyone when he covered a distance of 20.27 metres in the final throw. He kept improving in every throw, his second, third, fourth and fifth throw covered 18.79, 18.95, 19.8 and 20.27 metres respectively. His final throw was good enough to bring a gold medal and pride to India and for himself.


Qualified For Rio Olympics in 2016:

Inderjeet has been in tremendous form from the last few time and won three Grand Prix events at Thailand and therefore got a seat for Rio Olympics which will be held the upcoming year. He also had won the gold at the Asian Athletics Championship in China.With the Rio Olympics a year away, India’s athletics community has high hopes on the Asian Games bronze medallist (19.63 metres), who is a student of Maharishi Dayanand University. Manish Bahuguna of Anglia Hunt Medal Company believes that Inderjeet can achieve what no other India athlete could achieve in the 120 years of Olympic history. Bahuguna stated, “The one who can throw an iron ball to a distance of 21 metres will surely bring a gold for the country in the next year Olympics and none other can break his record”.


After winning the medal, he said “its a pleasure for me to bring a medal to our country and also I could come up with the throw of more than 21 metres as the temperature was ideal but I couldn’t make this happen and shortly I will be the one to break my own record”.


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