India: $35 Billion Government Pension Fund Plans are about to Boost

India: $35 Billion Government Pension Fund Plans are about to Boost: Reports are coming that around $2.3 trillion equity market in India has surged in recent years, and is about to get a new endorsement by the country’s pension regulator. Also, the sources are confirming that India’s equity culture may also get a boost from a stewardship code to be rolled out for the country’s fund managers to push for corporate-governance best practices. Overall, it is good news for all Indian people who are getting their private Pensions because that will increase.

India: $35 Billion Government Pension Fund Plans are about to Boost

Finance Ministry, Hemant Contractor, chairman of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority said, “We are pressing the government to increase the equity proportion for government employees, and expect a favourable response very soon,” Also, the nodded for them for a bump to 50 percent, matching the maximum for private-sector pensions overseen by its National Pension System (NPS) arm.

You all should also keep that in mind that the PFRDA, along with India’s insurance and securities regulators, is pursuing the new code, Contractor said. You all may know that this new code will help improve the professionalism of business management, with challenges ranging from the misuse of corporate funds to boards taking insufficient action when things go wrong.

Also, Pension funds from Japan to Australia have taken on greater risk over time, conferring increased volatility. Also, if we talk about other countries then we can say that Norway’s sovereign wealth fund said on April 27 it lost $21 billion in the first quarter thanks to the global sell-off in equities. On the other hand in India, an appetite for risk may be less in a country where the 130 crore population doesn’t have social security coverage, and where savings have declined as a share of the economy from a peak a decade ago.