India at UN: Pakistan ‘extols’ virtues of terrorists, covets the territory of others

India at UN: Pakistan ‘extols’ virtues of terrorists, covets the territory of others : Syed Akbaruddin, Who is the India’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) on Thursday, He kicked at Pakistan and given the statement in a very irritating way and was speaking at a high-level topical discussion on Human Rights organized by Mogens Lykketoft, President of the General Assembly.

Pakistan covets territory of others and uses terrorism as state policy

According to the Syed statement, He said that the Pakistan was the identical country which disappointed to influence international community to get membership of Human Rights Council and further in future he will not take it.

The reason behind it that India’s Permanent Representative, Syed Akbaruddin to the United Nations (UN), on Wednesday completely responded back at Pakistan for supporting the matters of alleged human rights violations recently in Kashmir and killing of Hizbul Mujahideen main commander Burhan Wani terrorist during a discussion on human rights.

Unfortunately, today we have noticed an effort at the abuse of this United Nations (UN) step. The purpose started from Pakistan, a nation that wants the region of others.

And also a country that utilizations terrorism as state organization towards that confused and a government that appreciates the excellencies of terrorists and that gives haven to United Nations (UN) specified terrorists.

further, Syed Akbaruddinand said, a government that changes its attempts as backing for human rights and self-initiative. Akbaruddin attested that Pakistan’s status ignored to convince the universal association that it ought to pick up enrollment of the Human Rights Council in this very session of The United Nations General Assembly.

These statements are coming from the India’s permanent representative, Syed Akbaruddin because of Pakistan raising a report in the United Nations (UN) the issue of the encounter of Hizbul main commander Burhan Wani and there Pakistan’s Prime Minister ‘Nawaz Sharif’ had named the encounter of Burhan Wani as a violation of human rights.