India is all set to held March 14 meeting with Pakistan on Kartarpur matter

India is all set to held March 14 meeting with Pakistan on Kartarpur matter: On Thursday, as per the sources, India is ready to go ahead with the March 14 conference with Pakistan to settle the modalities of the Kartarpur corridor amid tense two-sided ties among the two nationals.

Previously, India and Pakistan were arranged to come across on March 14 to conclude the modalities of the much-awaited corridor, mainly its organizes, but after the Pulwama terror attack and the mounting tensions in the last few days raised severe doubts about the probability of the come across on the concern.

Sources from India said that India is still all set for the conversation on the Kartarpur matter as it affects a large number of Indians. The Indian sources further added that the suggestion for talks came from the Pakistani side and was then accepted by India.

The planned corridor will offer easy right of entry to Sikh pilgrims to Guru Nanak’s final resting place Gurdwara Darbar Sahib which is located at Kartarpur in Pakistan’s Punjab area.

India and Pakistan decided to give right of entry to Sikh pilgrims from the Indian side to Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib. The both nation mutually laid foundation stones for the project in the month of November last year.

Even yet the relationship between India and Pakistan have turned, the work on the project continued as typical on both sides of the border.

The officials from the Pakistan side supervising the project said work was not stopped and there was no interchange of any statement from their government in this concern.

On Thursday morning, Pakistan had put off the Samjhauta Express train service to India. The once every two weeks train service between India and Pakistan was planned to leave from Lahore with 16 passengers. It boarded on its journey from Karachi but the travellers are trapped at Lahore railway station.

After the Pulwama attack, India had also cancelled the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan. MFN status presented Pakistan assured trade rights. India had also upraised tax duties on all imports from Pakistan to 200%.

On raising 200 per cent tax on all imports from Pakistan, Arun Jaitley through the medium of his official twitter account said, “India has withdrawn MFN status to Pakistan after the Pulwama incident. Upon withdrawal, basic customs duty on all goods exported from Pakistan to India has been raised to 200% with immediate effect. #Pulwama”.

Items which Pakistan exports to India comprises of fresh fruits, cement, petroleum products, spices, wool,  bulk minerals and ores, medical instruments, processed minerals, inorganic chemicals, finished leather, cotton raw, rubber product, marine goods, plastic, alcoholic beverages, dyes and sport goods.