India: North, Northwest will see more thunderstorms till Friday

India: North, Northwest will see more thunderstorms till Friday: Well, reports are coming that the Indian Meteorological Department forecasted more thunderstorms and rain in some north and northwest regions of the country till his upcoming Friday.  Sources are saying that they are trying to warn government or people to get ready to see some more damages and make sure that people will take precaution from it. Also, they already predicated that Delhi is going to see another dust storm and thundershowers today.

India: North, Northwest will see more thunderstorms till Friday

IMD warns of more thunderstorms, squalls in north, northwest India till Friday

As you all may already know that a fresh western disturbance and a low-pressure system that brings moisture from the Eurasian water bodies, will continue to affect the weather in this region, the weather office said. Also, you all may have heard that this storm and thundershowers are taking lives, damaging assets and making life harder in some areas.

Also, the reports are coming that an18-year-old man was killed and 13 people injured in the dust storm that hit the national capital in the early hours today. A police report is indicating that Sohail of northeast Delhi’s Gokal Puri area was killed after a wall collapsed on him while he was sleeping in his house.

Even in Wednesday is likely to see more thunderstorms till the evening or in the night, along with gusty winds in north India including the hilly regions of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand. Some other areas such as Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are going to be affected as well. Also, east India will also continue to see scattered thunderstorm activity on Wednesday.

In reports, IMD official said, “The sky will be generally cloudy with the possibility of light rains or drizzle.” As you all may know and we told you before that till now more than 80 people are died in six states because of thunderstorm and lightning strikes. You can say that these numbers can go up because things aren’t going good.