Finally Proven! India presents proof to Pakistan: ‘Uri attackers came from PoK’

Finally Proven! India presents proof to Pakistan: ‘Uri attackers came from PoK’ :- The terrorist attack in URI is still fresh in the minds of people all over the Globe, especially for the Indian religion people. The terrorists killed the 18 Indian Army man at an army base in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri and the numbers of countries has criticized this attack.


It is believed that those terrorist were Pakistan-based, and the Indian government is blaming Pakistan for this attack. At somehow, it is fact as Indian has brought many proofs that will prove that Pakistan was behind the terrorist attack of URI.

Indian agency is working day and night to collect the witnessed and proof to prove Pakistan’s hand in this attack. Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar confronted the proofs that reveal the involvement of Pakistan in this attack.

According to to the reports, it is revealed that one of the terrorists is identified as Hafiz Ahmed, son of Feroz and resident of Dharbang, Muzaffarabad. Vikas has also the provided the further details about the Hafiz.

Also, it is believed that few local villagers of the URI handed over two people who are accused of helping the terrorist to cross the border. One of the people is 20 years old Faizal Hussain Awan, who is the son of Gul Akbar Resident of Potha Jahangir, Muzaffarabad, and the other one is 19 years, son of Mohammed Khurshid Resident of Khiliana Kalan, Muzaffarabad.

The another proof is that ” bdul Qayoom, R/o Sialkot was caught in Molu division inverse Pakistan’s Sialkot segment and has admitted to experiencing three weeks of preparing with the fear based oppressor bunch LeT and giving considerable assets to Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation, their front association, Basit was passed on.”
The Foreign Secretary informed media wing that ” we are willing to make Pakistan team aware of all these three individual and will ask them to take the necessary step.”

Well, it will be interesting to see, how Pakistan and their official will respond to this. It will be the test time for Nawaz Sharif and his people as they recently approached to the US officials for helping them to improve the relationship with India.