India Raises Balochistan PoK Issue at United Nations Hits Out at Pakistan

India Raises Balochistan PoK Issue at United Nations Hits Out at Pakistan :- On Wednesday, India raised the issue of Baloch genocide and human rights violation in Balochistan for the first time before the United Nations, accusing Pakistan of widespread human rights violations in the region as well as in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

India said that the main reason behind disturbances in Kashmir is Pakistan-sponsored terrorism that stems from Islamabad’s territorial ambitions during the 33rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.


India’s ambassador and permanent representative at the UN in Geneva – Ajit Kumar said that the dismal track record of Pakistan is well known to all and many countries have repeatedly called upon Pakistan to end cross-border infiltration and dismantle the terrorism infrastructure.

He said that Pakistan is characterised by authoritarianism, absence of democratic norms and widespread violation of human rights across the country including Balochistan and PoK.

Resource-rich Balochistan supplies much of the natural gas to textile industry in Punjab, Pakistan. Balochistan has been battling waves of insurgency by Baloch nationalists since 1948.

Security forces of Pakistan have been accused of using excessive force in Balochistan and PoK. In his Independence Day speech 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi  mentioned Balochistan, a move that struck a chord with Baloch nationalists.

The mention of the regions is in line with the government’s recent decision to raise rights violations to hit back at Pakistan for allegedly stoking unrest in the Valley.


The basic reason for disturbances in Kashmir is the cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. Pakistan has provided active support since 1989 to terrorist elements and separatist groups.

Kumar said that J&K is an integral part of India and will always remain so.

He said that Pakistan has no hesitation in using air power against its own people while advocating to restraint others.

The ambassador said that India strongly rejects Pakistan’s continued misuse of the Council to make tendentious references about internal matters pertaining to the Indian state of J-K.

He said that Pakistan continues to be in illegal occupation of a large part of territory in J&K. This stems from Pakistan’s territorial ambitions over Kashmir that has found concrete expression in repeated armed aggression.