India & USA Solar Mission Case! WTO expected to ruling by mid-September

India & USA Solar Mission Case! WTO expected to ruling by mid-September :- The appellate body of WTO is expected to give it ruling by the mid-September this year in a solar case dispute between India and USA. In the month of April, India had appealed against the panel of WTO. The panel of WTO was ruling that the country’s power purchase agreements with solar firms are inconsistent with international norms.


An official said that the order of appellate is expected on 16th or 17 September 2016. The appellate body of World Trade Organisation(WTO) is a standing body of seven persons. This body listens to the appeals from reports issued by panels in disputes involving WTO members.

If the appellate body of WTO would give ruling against the country India. The government of India would have to implement the order in the next 6-7 months, an official said.

The dispute panel of WTO had said in ruling against India that the government’s power purchase agreements with solar firms were inconsistent with international norms. The US had filed a complaint against India before the global trade body WTO alleging discrimination against American firms.


India is also working on about dozen cases against the US in WTO for giving protection to solar panel producers in violation of WTO norms. On the India-US poultry case, India is seeking a desktop video conferencing (DVC) with America, an official said

India had already lost the case against the USA in WTO. The USA has demanded USD 450 million in retaliation in the dispute o solar mission.