Indian Air Force takes down one F-16 in Kashmir’s Nowshera, it was violating Indian Air Space

Indian Air Force takes down one F-16 in Kashmir’s Nowshera, it was violating Indian Air Space: Reports are coming straight from the India-Pak Border where the situation is quite tensed. Sources are saying that the Pakistani aircraft violated Indian air space in the Nowshera sector of Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district today in the early morning and in the reply Indian Air Force has scrambled jets and pushed them back.  Some sources are saying that in this whole scenario a Pakistan Air Force F-16 was shot down.


  • Pakistan Air Force violates air space and targets military installations on the Indian side
  • In the ensuing air-to-air combat one PAF fighter jet shot down
  • Indian Air Force also lost one Mig 21 Bison during the engagement and its pilot is ‘missing in action’

IAF air strike in Pakistan Live: Lost MiG 21; verifying Pak claims of arresting missing Indian pilot, says MEA

Even the sources are saying that the Indian Air Force is ready to take any action against Pakistan if they’ll cross the LOC in any way. Reports are coming that Pakistan’s dead aircraft is the retaliatory fire in Nowshera’s Lam valley. Overall, the situation is under control according to the Indian Army and Government but Pakistan is claiming that they have done something major. Also, the reports are coming that they have no control over their mind and they might have lost it during the whole Tomato fight with each other.

Pakistani jets cross LoC, Indian Air Force takes down one F-16

Even, the Pakistani jets had entered into Indian air space over Rajouri district this morning to show that they can also fly or maybe they want to show that their aircraft work perfectly. As you all might know that India has already done a surgical strike yesterday and we have only targeted in the Jaish-e-Mohammed’s biggest terror camp. Right now, Pak is trying to collect the lost reputation and that’s why they are keeping on working on something which they don’t what it is.

You all should know that the air space violation by Pakistani jets comes a day after our strike. Currently, the Pakistan government has claimed that they have captured an Indian Air Force soldier alive which was fake news just like the hopes of Pakistan. We are covering this whole issue and will be right back to you in a meantime. There has been no response from the Indian government on Pakistan’s claim.