Indian Crickter Ravi Shastri ask Sourav Ganguly Didn’t Want Him As India Coach

Indian Crickter Ravi Shastri ask Sourav Ganguly Didn’t Want Him As India Coach :- Ravi Shastri become disappointed after lost out to Anil Kumble in the race of head Coach of Indian Cricket Team. Ravi shasti said about the disappoint after he came back to country after a vacation in Bangkok.


Ravi Shastri said that My job was to give interview and what happend inside is not my headache. He also said that I am very sure our bowling will improve with Anil Kumble at the helm. “I want a break from cricket for sometime” said Shastri.

One reporter asked Ravi Shastri that Sourav Gangulay was not there while you are being interviewed, what is the issue between both of you?


Ravi Shastri told reporter that it is true that Sourav Ganguly was not there when I was interviewed, It’s your responsibility to ask about it to Sourav Ganguly that what the problem he has with me.

Ravi Shastri told about his tenure as team director of Indian cricket team that I had a dream run with the team for 18 months. In the next three years, we are in the process of achieving more. I am also happy that the talented team was able to achieve quite a lot of things during my tenure. Starting from becoming the No. 1 Test team in the world to doing well in ODIs and T20s in England and Australia, we played good cricket.

Ravi Shastri told that my disappointment was for a day and that is all. It happened last week. I have moved on.

Shastri said that team India need to be consistent with bowling a bit and with Anil Kumble at the helm, I am sure our bowling will improve in the days to come.

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri was born on 27 May 1962.He is a former Indian cricketer and former Director for the Indian cricket team. He represented the Indian national team in both Test and One-Day matches between 1981 and 1992. Ravi Shastri started his career as a left arm spin bowler, he later transformed into a batting all-rounder.

As a batsman, he was essentially defensive with his trademark “chapati shot” (a flick off the pads), but he could raise his stricke rate when required. Due to his above-average height (he stood 6′ 3″ tall) and an upright stance, he had a limited number of shots against fast bowling, but was able to put the lofted shot to good use against spin bowling. Shastri played either as an opening batsman or in the middle order.