Indian Fake Colleges: India has 277 Fake Engineering Colleges, 66 alone in Delhi

Indian Fake Colleges: India has 277 Fake Engineering Colleges, 66 alone in Delhi: Well, you all may aware of the fake colleges in India as they are growing very fast. Some reports are coming that there are around 277 fake engineering colleges in India and they are working normally and maybe they are ruining the future of all the students who are studying there. Also, the reports are suggesting that the Delhi having 66 such institutes offering engineering and technical courses on top of the list. Overall,  these 277 fake colleges are here and they could be more because it has a government’s data, and not to forget that there are various colleges with low-quality education.

You all should know that according to a document tabled in the Lok Sabha on Monday by Minister of State Human Resource Development Satya Pal Singh there are more fake colleges in Telangana and West Bengal with the number of 35 and 27. Some reports are saying that the list also includes 23 colleges in Karnataka, 22 colleges in Uttar Pradesh, 18 colleges in Haryana, 16 colleges in Maharashtra, 11 in Tamil Nadu. Overall, these all are colleges should be banned for sure.

Some sources are saying that the engineering colleges running their courses without the approval of All India Council for Technical Education. Also, the reports are coming that these institutions have also been directed to take necessary AICTE approval neither they’ll be shut down. Some reports are coming that the University Grants Commission is monitoring this issue and also sent instructions to the heads of the states to take action against such institutes running in their jurisdiction, the minister stated.

Now, in short, we can say that there are 66 fake colleges in Delhi, 35 Fake colleges in Telangana, 27 colleges are fake on West Bengal, Karnataka has 23 fake colleges, 22 in UP, 18 in Himachal Pradesh, 17 in Bihar, 16 in Maharashtra, 11 in Tamil Nadu, 8 in Gujarat, 7 in Andhra Pradesh, 7 in Chandigarh, 5 in Punjab, 3 in Rajasthan and 3 in Uttarakhand.