Indian Footballer Poonam Chauhan Passes Away at Age of 29 Years

Indian Footballer Poonam Chauhan Passes Away at Age of 29 Years :- The morning began with whole Indian murmuring the sudden death of the Indian Women international footballer, Poonam Chauhan. The 29 years old passed away on Tuesday night due to dengue which she was battling for last one week.



Poonam was admitted to the local hospital on Monday as her platelets count dipped at a fast pace. Poonam has featured in the junior and senior National Championships as many as 18 times and South Asian Games in 2010. The authorities postponed the Under-17 UP football championship match on Wednesday as the token of respect for the former footballer.

The final rituals of the Poonam were carried out on Wednesday morning with his family and friends attending it. Meanwhile, the death of Poonam has brought many questions as the former footballer was struggling to get the job to even earn her livings.

Poonam and his father, former football coach Munna Lal Chauhan were running a stationary shop in order to make their living. Although, Poonam managed to get the job two months ago of Rs. 25000 per month as the coach with Sigra Sports Stadium, but it was too late.

Poonam in interview won August 29, 2016, mentioned that ” In Indian, there is no reward for making the country proud as my father and me are struggling to earn our living, and hence we opened the stationery shop.”

Well, the death of Poonam is a great loss to the India, but few question arise after her death, do we give our national heroes the respect and regard that they deserve? Is this is not the right of Sports ministry to help the athletes who made whole India proud?