Indian government announces discount on Petrol and Diesel

Indian government announces discount on Petrol and Diesel :- Well, it looks like Indian government is looking all set to make India the cashless country as earlier they have launched the helpline numbers to guide the people for the benefits of digital transaction and now they have announced that every person will get the discount of 0.75 per cent on petrol and diesel if they pay the amount through digital transaction.

The discount will kick off from Tuesday itself. Indian Oil Corp, the nation’s largest fuel retailer in an interaction with media wing, informed that discounted amount will be credited to the amount of the customer within three days. It is believed that the customer will get a rebate of 49 paise a liter on petrol and 41 paise on diesel as the cost of Petrol is Rs. 66.10 per liter in Delhi while a liter of diesel costs Rs. 54.57.

The digital payment can be made through the credit/debit cards, e-wallets or mobile wallets. Arun Jaitley revealed that in order to promote the digital transaction in India, we have taken the initiative and discount will be provided for paying bills of fuel, for insurance policies, rail tickets, and highway toll charges.

Arun Jaitley said ” As a part of these initiatives, to promote cashless transactions, Government of India has announced to incentivise petrol/diesel customers transacting at PSU petrol pumps by way of 0.75 per cent discount when a customer uses Debit/Credit Cards, Mobile Wallets, and Prepaid Loyalty Cards.”

The government has taken this step but they must not forget that only 31% of India’s population uses the internet and poor does not have credit and debit cards, so why the discount will not be facilitated to the poor society of India.