Indian Navy Day 2019: Significance, theme, facts, Celebration, Images, Pictures & Wallpapers

Indian Navy Day 2019: Significance, theme, facts, Celebration, Images, Pictures & Wallpapers: Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December annually to recall the accomplishments and role of the naval force for our country, India. The Indian Navy is headed by the Indian President as Commander-in-Chief and is the marine branch of the Armed Forces of India. Chhatarpati Shivaji Bhosle, who was the Maratha Emperor of the 17th century, is known as “Father of the Indian Navy”. Happy Indian Navy Day Quotes

Navy Day 2019

The Indian Navy has a very important role in safeguarding Indian marine borders, also improving the Indian international affairs through seaport official visit, cooperative exercises, public-spirited missions, disaster relief and many more. The current Indian navy has experienced speedy restoration in order to expand and advance its location in the Indian Ocean area.

Indian Navy Day Significance

Navy Day in India is celebrated to honour the spirited attack on the Karachi port (start of Operation Trident) on 4th December 1971, during the Indo-Pakistan war by the Indian Naval Army and also to respect all the martyrs who sacrificed their life in that war. During the operation three of the Pakistani vessels near Karachi were destroyed by Indian Naval Army. It was the first time that India used anti-ship missiles for any attack.

Correspondingly, the Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology (NIAT) conduct a community service from 24th November to 26th November for the Indian Navy at Good Hope Old Age Home, Fort Kochi where the students from the Navy Children School come together to entertain the patients as well as Naval doctors from INHS Sanjivani in order to offer medical check-up to the patients. Contests such as Navy Ball, Navy Queen as well as Navy fest are conducted to celebrate Indian Navy Day.

Indian Navy on this day, open exhibitions of their warships and aircraft for the visitors such as school children. In the Navy Fest, Military Photo Exhibition is also executed by various photojournalists. It is celebrated every year with a particular theme for each year which make the day more influential and powerful.

Indian Navy Day Themes

Here are some of the themes of Indian Navy day:

“Reaching Out to Maritime Neighbours” theme for 2008 Indian Navy Day

“Indian Navy – Maritime Power for National Prosperity” theme for 2012 Indian Navy Day

“Indian Navy – Ensuring Secure Seas for a Resurgent Nation” theme for 2015 Indian Navy Day

Facts about Indian Navy Day

  • Indian Navy initially called the Royal Indian Navy; our ultimate naval headquarters of the Indian armed forces was founded by the East India Company in 1612 and give new name, Indian Navy on 26th January 1950 after India got independence.
  • Indian Navy is a well-organized and self-controlled branch, where President of India is the superlative commander of the Indian Navy whose chief is called Admiral.
  • The slogan of Indian navy is “Sham No Varna”, which factually means “May the Lord of the Water be auspicious unto us”.
  • Remarkably, Navy Day doesn’t celebrate the day the Indian Navy was established. Rather, it celebrates the day when the Indian Navy magnificently accomplished Operation Trident, an attack on Pakistani Karachi Naval Headquarters in 1971 where Indian used anti-ship missiles for the first time and destroyed three vessels of Pakistan naval Headquarter.
  • There are only three naval aerobatic squads in the world and out of them one is Indian Navy’s Sagar Pawan.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj of Maratha Empire is known as the “Father of the Indian Navy” as he prepared a very tough naval force with the help of Kanhoji Angre, to fight the overseas foreign violence.
  • The Indian naval command is divided into four main commands, and those are western, eastern, southern and northern.

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Indian Navy Day 2019 Celebration

This year the Indian Navy Day will be observed on 4th December 2019 and the theme of the day is “Beating the Retreat”. The planning of Indian Navy Day is done mainly at Vishakhapatnam, by the Eastern Naval Command. The head office of Indian Navy’s Western Naval Command is in Mumbai, where the Indian Navy brings their ships and sailors to Vishakhapatnam for exhibiting their fearlessness and pride through a very remarkable troop.

The event starts with lying garland at the war memorial by various Army chiefs and government officials which is situated at the RK Beach. After the memorial of the war martyrs, an operative demo of the naval submarines, aircraft and ships is conducted by the Navy soldiers. By this approach they not only exhibit their equipment and its aptitudes but also their originality, creativity and strength.