Indian-origin doctor gets 9 years jail in US for conducting health care fraud

Indian-origin doctor gets 9 years jail in US for conducting health care fraud: An Indian-origin doctor has been sentenced by a US court to nine years in prison for committing health care fraud. He used to illegally distribute the prescription painkillers which came under health care fraud.

The accused name is Pawan Kumar Jain who is a 66 year old former physician. He was sentenced in federal court in Las Cruces, New Mexico to nine years in prison as well as three years of supervised release for illegally distributing controlled substances and health care fraud, as per US Attorney John Anderson.

Earlier, Jain passes in guilty pleas in February 2016 to one count of illegally dispensing a controlled substance and one count of health care fraud. In his plea settlement, Jain self-confessed that he earlier was licensed to practice medicine in the State of New Mexico and he was also registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in order to prescribe controlled substances, comprising pain medication.

He admitted that for a number of years he functioned a high-volume pain management practice in Las Cruces, and commonly executed only superficial examinations of his patients in advance of prescribing narcotics to them deprived of recording any therapeutic benefit for those drugs in his records.

He specially self-confessed examining one patient in November 2009 and that he held only a insincere examination of the patient earlier writing him two prescriptions for methadone that were outside the typical course of medical exercise and not for any sincere medical tenacity.

Every single prescription was for 270 tablets of 10 mg methadone. Jain in addition admitted that he held health care fraud for the reason that he knew these illegal prescriptions would be submitted to federal health insurance Medicare for payment and that he planned for Medicare to pay for the prescriptions.

Jain also accepted that the patient passed away just two days after filling the another methadone prescription. As per to the proof at the sentencing hearing, the patient died of respirational depression due to the methadone which Jain prescribed him earlier. The New Mexico Medical Board suspended Jain’s license in June 2012, and cancelled his license in December 2012.

Anderson said US law enforcement agencies are dedicated to functioning to violently target and hold drug traffickers responsible both those who hand out on the street, and those who traffic as physicians writing prescriptions for no genuine medical tenacity.

Doctors who deceive our faith and put their individual financial gain ahead of the well-being of their patients by prescribing narcotics deprived of medical validation are straight fuelling our nation’s opioid emergency, he said.

Special Agent in Charge Kyle Williamson of the DEA’s El Paso Division said that Jain disregarded the pledge they take to treat and care for patients who come to them for help, and sustained to overprescribe, which ultimately lead to the deaths of four patients.

Today, his sentencing is going to send out a very strong message to other doctors that they are not beyond the law and also DEA is going to carry on to influentially follow and hold them responsible.