Indian Pride Captain Radhika Menon is first Woman to get IMO Sea Award

Indian Pride Captain Radhika Menon is first Woman to get IMO Sea Award :- Captain Menon was nominated by the administration of India, for rescuing all seven fishermen from the fishing boat Durgamma, which was drifting following engine breakdown and loss of anchor in grim weather. Food and water had been finished soon and they were relying on ice to survive from the cold storage.

Radhika Menon

Through intense waves of more than 25 feet, winds stronger than 60 knots and stormy rain, on 22 June, the second in charge officer on the Sampurna Swarajya detected the boat 2.5 kilometers apart, off the shore of Gopalpur, Orissa.

Captain Menon immediately call for a defense operation, using the pilot ladder and life jackets and buoys on standby. It took three strenuous attempts in the tempestuous wind and rain, before all seven lean and clem fishermen, aged from 15 to 50 years old, were brought safely on board the ship. Their families had already deemed them to be extinct at sea, but thanks to the rescue operation, led by Captain Menon, they were reunited with their family a few days later.

Captain Menon is the first female captain in the Indian Merchant Navy and with her bravery, she is entitled to be the first female to receive the IMO Award for outstanding Bravery at Sea.

The Awards function is expected to be held at IMO Headquarters, on 21 November, at the end of the first day of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).

This annual Award was organized by IMO to honor international recognition to those who, take a risk of their own life, their acts of exceptional bravery, exhibiting exceptional courage in trying to save the life at sea or in trying to prevent or lessen damage to the nautical environment.

The caption Radhika is invited to a special ceremony at IMO to honor with a medal and a certificate summoning the act of her exceptional bravery.