Indian Tourism: 1 Crore Foreign Tourists Visited India in 2017, Earnings Cross $27 Billion

Indian Tourism: 1 Crore Foreign Tourists Visited India in 2017, Earnings Cross $27 Billion: – 2017 went very great for the Indian tourism sector so many travelers came out India and really enjoyed the ride and momentum. As per the reports, last year end up good for the India tourism and around 10-million marks, this pushed the country’s earnings to over 27 billion dollars. We are sure that you all are going to love this news because it is very great news for the Indian market. These earnings are quite good for the Indian market and that’s great.

Even, Union tourism minister KJ Alphons said that “I think our sector is doing very well. But am I happy with the numbers? I want these numbers to increase dramatically because India is an incredible place and we have everything for everybody. So we are trying to bring in lot more people,” We are sure that these profits are going to turn out good for the Indian economic system.

Also, the minister reports are saying that the Indian tourism sector contributing 6.88 percent to India’s GDP and had a 12 percent share of jobs in the total employment figures in 2017. Now, if these all reports are coming great then we can say that it is quite profitable for the Indian market. The minister also said the sector is the increase in numbers has helped India ramp up it’s overall ranking on the Tourism Competitiveness Index, 2017.

Also, the minister officer said that “Eleven projects have been sanctioned under this scheme in 2017-18 alone, taking the total number up to 67 projects. The plan is for holistic development of pilgrimage destinations, the Buddhist circuit being a case in point,” We think that the news is quote great or the Indian GDP growth. We are expecting that this growth is going to be big in upcoming days and we are expecting that it could cross more than this in upcoming days.