Indian Youth: Tobacco Use Increase In India! Check The Problem

Indian Youth: Tobacco Use Increase In India! Check The Problem :- Well, Nationwide a deep problem is rising and being very serious nowadays. Here we are talking about the Global Adult Tobacco Survey-2 and the reports are saying that young Indians switching from tobacco to alcohol and psychotropic substances since 2009-2010. Also, the reports are saying that young Indians are using a lot of serious type of drug abuse which is affecting the whole Indian nation.

Well, as per the reports one good news is out that Tobacco abuse among teenagers and young adults has dropped by a third. Also, the 15 to 24 age group is consuming more tobacco rather than adult age. But the number of people abusing alcohol and drug is increasing, with children as young as 12 seeking a liquor or heroin fix.

Indian Youth: Tobacco Use Increase In India

Also, According to the UN, India has 10 million of the world’s estimated 247 million drug abusers which mean that Indians are using more drugs than ever. There is no latest national-level data to bring out the magnitude of the problem, but doctors are registering a considerable rise in a number of drug abusers.

“There is a risk of a child starting with inhalants and later moving to harder forms such as injectable drugs that can have much serious implication on their health,” Dr. Nimesh G Desai.

“In clinical practice, there has been a five-fold increase in adolescents coming for problems related to substance use in under a decade,” said According to New Delhi-based de-addiction expert Keshav Palita, five to 10 new adolescent patients crop up each day and “more than half of them

“Cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, mephedrone and other pharmaceutical and party drugs are the most common among children,” he said during a session on “de-glamorization of drugs in society” last year. This is very serious because young Indian is in very deep problem