Indirapuram: Couple murders Sleeping Children, later jumps to death from 8th floor flat

Indirapuram: Couple murders Sleeping Children, later jumps to death from 8th floor flat :- In a shocking incident, a couple facing financial distress jumped to death from their eighth-floor apartment in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad on Tuesday morning. A factory owner and his wife allegedly slit their children’s throats while they were in their sleep before jumping from their eighth floor balcony and died on impact. Meanwhile, another woman also jumped along with the couple who was in a critical state in the hospital.

Indirapuram: Couple murders Sleeping Children

The second woman was the man’s business partner according to some accounts, while others claim she was his second wife. The man and one of his wife died on the spot while his other woman succumbed to her injuries during treatment in a hospital.

Couple also left a message before the suicide where they have made a request that their bodies should be cremated together. The heartbreaking news has left the Indirapuram locality shocked.

Meanwhile, both of their kids were found dead in their bedroom. The children aged 10 and 12 were smothered to death in sleep. Any injury marks or signs of resistance were not visible.

Earlier, it was reported that both the woman were wives of the man. However, the brother of the deceased man later clarified that the woman in question was a business partner of the couple and used to reside with them in their flat.

The initial investigation of the police says that the family was facing a serious financial crisis. They allegedly smothered their sleeping children, a girl and a boy, before slitting their throats.

Police have also recovered a suicide note scribbled on the wall of the children’s bedroom, in which the deceased wished for a combined cremation. He has also left some money along with the note, which the man wanted to be spent on their funeral. The deceased have also named one Rakesh Verma as the person responsible for their death.

The security guard at the apartment complex, Ajaz Karim Khan, saw the two bodies and the injured woman lying on the ground around 5 am on Tuesday, moments after noises from the apartment alerted him. He said, “The incident occurred at around 5 am-5:15 am. I heard some noise and went out to check and saw that three people were lying on the ground. I immediately called my supervisor and called the police.”

On being asked about the family, the security guard said that he does not know much about them as they moved into this apartment one and a half month back. Their neighbours too, barely know about the couple as they were new in the society.