Indo-Tibetan Border Police ‘Yoga’ Pics at Himalayas are Getting Viral

Indo-Tibetan Border Police Yoga Pics at the Himalayas are Getting Viral: – Well, Indian Army and defense force is one of the powerful armies in around the world. We all know that our enemies stand nowhere when it comes to courage and hard work we do. Also, it is not new that our soldiers are trying hard and protecting us in some bizarre place which we can’t even imagine. When we are here complaining about the small problems they are trying to protect us from some big problems and that’s why we think that they deserve some attention.


Now, a picture of Indo-Tibetan Border Police is getting viral on the internet and people are talking about it a lot. When it comes to positive mental health habits most medical professionals agree that yoga is one of the best ways of slowing down the mind to combat anxiety, depression and catastrophizing. These soldiers aren’t just getting viral even they are making news and that’s cool.

Himalayas Indo-Tibetan Border Police Yoga Pics

The personnel is bare-bodied while performing yoga, despite the freezing temperatures. People are going crazy about this picture on the Internet and saying the positive word of mouth for it. Social-media users have been buzzing with compliments for the personnel from praising their amazing fitness level to saluting their sacrifice and dedication for the nation. This is one of the greatest things we have seen and it’s great.

Photographed against the picturesque Himalayan ranges, the breath-taking photos are a fine example of their strength and fitness levels. These photos of the personnel, who are also popularly known as Himveers, are breaking the internet. We are sure that this whole issue is going to make you all feel amazed and surely you all are going to love it for sure. You call can share this picture in Internet and trust me you’ll feel motivated.