Indonesian Tsunami Caused 281 Deaths, PM Modi is ready to assist

Indonesian Tsunami Caused 281 Deaths, PM Modi is ready to assist: According to the reports Indonesian Tsunami has caused more than 281 deaths and the numbers of deaths can be increased. Some of you might know that the Indonesian isn’t going through a very good condition but the whole world is ready to help. Reports are coming that a volcano-triggered tsunami in Indonesia has killed more people then we count and more than 1,000 people injured are injured.

Death toll from Indonesia tsunami rises to 281: Disaster agency

Some reports are indicating that the numbers of deaths can be increased as the dead people could be missing ones. Also, the number of injured can be increased too as the hundreds more were injured when the tsunami struck and it was quite sudden because it hit the city almost without warning. Also, the reports are coming that more than 3,000 coastal residents were forced to evacuate to higher ground.

You all should know that Indian is country which is never behind if they can help somebody. You all should know that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday expressed condolence over the death of hundreds of people and shared his view for this whole incident. Also, the tsunami that hit Indonesia is really bad and he assured that Indian is ready to assist, if they need it.

Fears for more tsunamis in Indonesia as death toll climbs to 281

Also, the US president Donald Trump has expressed his pain and point of view. He said that the more than two hundred dead and nearly a thousand injured or unaccounted for. We are praying for recovery and healing. America is with you! The vast archipelago, which sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, has suffered its worst annual death toll from disasters in more than a decade. Earthquakes flattened parts of the tourist island of Lombok in July and August, and a double quake-and-tsunami killed more than 2,000 people on Sulawesi island in September.