Instagram Major Update Brings New Stories Feature To Explore Tab

Instagram Major Update Brings New Stories Feature To Explore Tab :- A similar Snapchat feature, in the month of August, Instagram has added the Stories feature which lets the users post the photos or short videos which last no more than 24 hours. The new updated feature lets the users type or draw on the images and the same thing can do on videos. Now, Instagram has brought Stories to the Explore tab with a new update in an attempt to increase their reach. In recent meets, the company says that around 100 million people visit the tab each day to find videos and photos from accounts they do n0t yet follow.


It also announced that the stories are coming to the explore tab as well. The main objectives to add the stories update is that is to get the users to share more videos and photos at a time and also the second objective is to blunt the momentum of Snapchat which has become the default place to share and socialize for the next generation.

Instagram Major update – the explore section of the Instagram shows the users regarding the popular videos and photos of the users from around the world. Until now, only Stories uploaded by those you follow were only visible at the top of the Home section.

Instagram, in a blog post, says that More than 100 million people visit Explore every day to discover photos and videos from people they don’t yet follow. The new suggested stories section highlights the most interesting Stories from across Instagram’s vast global community.

Now, users can upload a story by tapping on the plus icon on the top left corner of the screen or slide their finger from left to right to open the camera.

After recording a video or taking a picture, Instagram provides editing tools that allow you to write or doodle on the video or image.