Instagram rolls Out new Boomerang Effects

Instagram rolls Out new Boomerang Effects :- Instagram is recently rolling out new updates to the Boomerang feature in order to make your loopy clips even more fun and interesting. This update by Instagram is said to be done as it is trying to catch up with TikTok in terms of creative effects for video.

Instagram rolls Out new Boomerang Effects

Initially, Boomerang was launched in the year 2015 and allowed the users to create short videos that play in a back and forth loop. With TikTok stealing in on the audiences of Instagram, the Zuckerberg-owned platform has now added new features to the Boomerang effect.

At this moment on the updated version of Instagram, you are going to be able to select from four different Boomerang effects, notes the official release.

The new effects consist of SlowMo that lets you to slow down your Boomerang to half its original speed; Echo to create double vision effect or blur kind of effect that will makes everything almost like you’re drunk or tripping. The last one is Duo- for texturized speedy or slow effect, as well as Trimming to edit the length of your Boomerang.

In addition to that these effects are already on TikTok, which is a popular and rival social media app that’s popularity is been rising exponentially and Mark Zuckerberg has even shared his plans to take on this app.

The very popular feature of the app is Instagram Stories and Boomerang effect is the app’s most widely used feature which have been used to record Stories. All these new effects can be found when you launch Boomerang as well as can be applied to videos in your gallery or else when you record a video with the help of Instagram’s camera.

The new Boomerang effects are already started rolling to its users all around the world – just head over to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store as well as update the Instagram app.