International Mountain Day 2018; History, Theme, Facts, Slogan, Poster, Images & Pictures

International Mountain Day 2018; History, Theme, Facts, Slogan, Poster, Images & Pictures: International Mountain Day is observed on 11th December each year, which was established to encourage ecological enlargement and improvement in

mountains. This year the International Mountain Day is going to be observed on 11th December 2018.

International Mountain Day 2018

The International Year of Mountains was observed in 2002 with the intention of raising responsiveness and initiating action on sustainable mountain development related matters. The prominent organization was the Food and Agriculture Organization. The International Year of Mountains was started at 11th December 2001 in the head office of the United Nations in New York.

As per the International Year of Mountains drew to a close on 20th December 2002, the UN elected 11th December as International Mountain Day and stimulated the international communal to establish measures or occasion to focus on the significance of ecological mountain development on the International Mountain Day. This day was first celebrated on 11th December 2003, from then each year International Mountain Day is celebrated with a particular theme. Earlier themes have brought out the focus on freshwater, peace, biodiversity or climate change.

International Mountain Day 2018: Theme and Celebration

2018 theme: MountainsMatter

However, mountains are talked about in the 2030 Agenda, still frequently forgotten. Bearing in mind the vital role they play in providing significant and fundamental ecology to the flora and fauna, one should need to stand up and raise your voice for bringing attention to the mountains. On this day various seminars, speeches, discussions, rallies etc. are conducted in order to raise the awareness about the mountains and their importance.

Importance of Mountains:

Water Source

Mountains itself provides between 60 and 80 per cent of all freshwater resources for our planet.

Prevents Natural Calamities

Mountains prevent many natural disasters which are fatal and can devastate the living. Natural disasters such as Cyclone, Tornado, etc. do not occur due to the mountains.

Encourage Tourism

As mountains are the places where everyone loves to visit and it also gives humans to interact with the nature. Mountains attract about 15-20 percent of global tourism.

Great source of food

Mountains are full of plantations and most of the eatable items in your meal come from mountains such as rice, potato, apple, quinoa, tomatoes and barley.

Fresh Air

Mountains are full of greenery and are less of pollution. If you go to the mountains, you will find no air pollution and unwanted gases over there. You will breathe fresh air in mountains which will increase your health.

Inner Peace

Mountains are always quite, as there is low population of humans residing and that is why there is less bustle and you can find peace easily. You can enjoy scenery and can find your peace spot, where you can relax or meditate easily.

Open for all seasons

As some places opens in summer and close in winter, mountains are open for all seasons whether it is summer, spring or winter. You love going to the mountains because when you go there, you are sure to find something amusing and amazing which can make your whole vacation memorial.