Intex to Launch Brand New Two LED Television Check Features Price at Rs 99,990

Intex to Launch Brand New Two LED Television Check Features Price at Rs 99,990 :- The Indian based smartphone company, Intex after tasting the bit of success with their smartphone has come with the low price efficient big screen Television. The two television titled as LED-5800 FHD TV and LED-6500 FHD TV has been equipped with the eye-catching features to come up with the easily affordable prices.The 58” inch LED cost around Rs 74,999 and 65” inch cost around Rs 99,990. Both the TVs have built-in speakers with a powerful 10 W x 2 sound output and comes with the dynamic contrast ratio giving superior contrast to a LED, the full range of brightness levels for enhancing the viewing experience. These two Intex television have digital video Processing technology (DNR) which is very helpful in reducing noise.


Apart from these features, the LED-5800 FHD TV, and LED-6500 FHD TV features promise full HD resolution pictures and high-quality, powerful sound. They have a fast response time of 9ms and 8ms to offer crystal clear images. The eye-catching feature of these two LED is digital video processing technology (DNR) that helps in reducing the amount of random noise, providing a more detailed and realistic viewing.

These come with a y a smart power saving feature and consistent style and also have advanced ports and connectivity ports. The television delivers with the powerful remote that will give the users the chance to view and watch their favorite programmer just with a single click.

Meanwhile, Index’s new series of LED LED-5800 FHD TV and LED-6500 FHD are available in the numbers of the e-commerce websites, so if you are looking to buy an efficient LED at the reasonable price, grab the brand new Intex LEDs.