iPhone 8 : Sight Into The Future Features Specifications Price Release Date

iPhone 8 : Sight Into The Future Features Specifications Price Release Date : Apple is one handset maker which has established itself as an esteemed brand and is known for its really innovative design. Its popularity can be estimated by the very fact that in India people are ready to buy iphone just because of its brand value. The reason why apple is at this position is very basic actually apple has not just work upon the requirements of the consumer’s but also made some really innovative design which changed the present as well as future of the smart phones.

iPhone 8 : Sight Into The Future Features Specifications Price Release Date

iPhone 8 : Sight Into The Future Features Specifications

People already have already experienced the pleasure of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and now they all must be eagerly waiting for the next installment. Well we have some exclusive news for our readers related to iPhone 8. We all know quite well how Apple is always engaged in bringing the technology which can out beat the present technology and reflects the future. Take for example Apple was the first company to come with finger print sensors to unlock the handset which later on become a trend.

What iPhone 8 is having for us?

Rumors are all around that apple is working on the side screen in the upcoming variant. Now one must be wondering what good side screen will be for? Let us tell you that through this side screen, one will not just able to check all the notifications as well as battery level, time etc. but it will also ensure that the power is saved. Once apple will incorporate this technology one doesn’t actually have to open thei home screen every time whenever there is any new notifications.

Moreover we can anticipate that iPhone 8 will feature 5.5” display size. 5.5” display size with side screen display seems really alluring. Apart from that we all know that Apple has always delivered the best in class camera and camera features. With this latest venture, we can estimate something similar.

We are really hoping that apple works on its camera and this time we get the best of camera quality which no one has seen before. Apart from that rumors were also there that iPhone 8 will see some of the major changes in the design, it is because after every two years Apple has the tendency of bring in some mind boggling changes in its design which gives the indication that iPhone 7 will come up with mere changes, it is iPhone 8 actually which will steal the show.

iPhone 8 Price Release Date

It also might be a possibility that Apple may work on bringing the handset which would be more strong and rugged and would be completely water resistant. We can also expect that apple may finally adopt the feature of wireless charging in this 8th installment. Apple has not yet adopted this technology while its contemporary has already done so. iPhone 8 price is excepted to be around Rs 70,000+ (approx.) and will be released in september 2015 (Prediction).

But all these are just speculations; it will take a year or so for apple to launch this newest variant. Till then one will see many other grapevines popping from here and there. One just has to wait to see what actually iPhone 8 is have for its customer under its hood.


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