iPhone SE 2 Rumoured to Launch with good design and 4.2-Inch Display

As per the rumors, Apple is working way too hard on something new and reports are saying that Apple may launch iOS 12 and a new iPad. Sources are saying that this new rumor is about iPhone SE 2 which is going to launch soon. Here, we aren’t saying anything is official which means this is a rumor for now. Also, the rumors are here because of Apple’s annual developer’s conference, WWDC 2018, out in the wild, rumors have started pouring in regarding what we can expect at the event.

Sources are saying that In addition to these developments, more reports are still hinting at a possible launch of the iPhone SE 2, despite several other reports to the contrary. We aren’t saying that this thing is true as we told you above. Also, the sources are saying that Apple may launch the SE 2, with the ‘classic design’ referring to the design of the original iPhone SE. Sony Xperia XZ2 Specs

iPhone SE 2 Features

The reason for maintaining a similar design may be a conscious effort to keep the price point of the device down. Also, the major difference in the newer version, when compared to the original device, is that SE 2 is likely to come with a 4.2-inch display. The SE 2 could pack a faster A10 Fusion chip to ensure faster performance considering, the device will be launched in 2018. Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

iPhone SE 2 Features

Overall, we think that this could be something else because we aren’t expecting something from iPhone. Even, the company pointed out that they may increase the size of the display by reducing the bezels on the device. It will be an unlikely move by Apple to introduce a new smartphone at WWDC, which has focused mainly on all the Apple products except the iPhone. Overall, we are waiting for it.

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