iPhone XR successor might come with dual cameras in 2019

iPhone XR successor might come with dual cameras in 2019: As per the reports, Apple is believed to be working on three new variants for 2019 iPhones. It is said that these iPhones will basically be successors of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. While we have been hearing quite a bit of rumours about the three iPhones, we have the latest report about the iPhone XR, with details about its camera setup. iPhone 11 Release Date

According to a report by Macotakara (via PhoneArena), the ‘budget’ iPhone XR presently comes with only a single lens on the back, but the phone’s successor might pack a dual camera system. Citing information from Chinese suppliers, the iPhone XR successor will apparently come with a wide-angle lens along with a secondary lens. Apparently, these new sensors will be borrowed from the flagship iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. This means that the 2019 iPhone XR will feature a primary sensor, plus a telephoto lens at the back.

The telephoto lens also offers a 2x optical zoom. The iPhone XR also offers portrait mode but relying on only one camera for it. Apple has used special algorithms to simulate a bokeh effect using a single lens. As a result, the portrait mode only works with human faces and as such, the quality of the bokeh is not as good as the iPhone XS.

In the previous reports, It was known that all three variants of the 2019 iPhones will get an improved selfie camera. The report claims that from the existing 7 MP sensors, the new iPhones will apparently come with 12 MP selfie cameras. The report also revealed that Apple will launch two flagship 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones, that will likely come with OLED displays and a triple-camera setup on the back. The third-lens could be a super wide-angle or a ToF sensor. The report notes that two out of three cameras might feature common parts to keep the costs down.

Another report also claims that an iPhone with a 4.7-inch FHD LCD display is in the making and it will share the design elements of the iPhone 8.

It is expected that Apple will release its 2019 iPhones in September this year.