BCCI Sources : IPL starts on 19 September and finals on 8 November

NEW DELHI: One of the biggest platform of cricket known as IPL INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE the most amazing and loved session to everyone who loves cricket a lot will begin on the month of September or the date of 19 in the country called (UAE) the United Arab Emirates along with the final hope on November 8, well -placed BCCI sources have told to PTI.

IPL starts on 19 September and finals on 8 November in UAE

The governing council of the IPL would obtain next week to chalk out the finals information and approve the detailed chart time table like schedule it understood that the BCCI has denoted the suffrage/franchises about the plan. the IPL in all probability that it will start on the month of September 19, ( Saturday ), and the finals will be held on the month of the November 8 (Sunday) it is about a 51 days the window which would suit the suffrage/franchises and the broadcaster or other stakeholders as well the senior of the BCCI. the official told PTI on the conditions of anonymity on Thursday night.


  • The chairmen of the Indian premier league Mr. Brajesh Patel has confirmed the date schedule of the tournament.
  • the Indian premier league opener will be played on September 19
  • the last and the final of the suffrage/ franchises league is to be played on the month of November 8.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IPL has been made possible through the decision to postpone or conduct the October November  T20 WorldCup in Australia.

there was a sponsion that the IPL will begin from the month of September 26, the BCCI has decided to before it through the week in order to ascertain that the Indian team’s tour of Australia is not a endanger. one more which Indian team will have to follow there that the Indian team will have a mandatory quarantine of 14 days as the Australian government decided .this is what the official said.

the Indian cricket team has a schedule that set-up to play a four-match test series against Australia beginning in the month of December 3 in the everyone knows and expected that every team will need at least months for the train. The Indian premier league suffrage would be leaving base by august 20which is perfect and give them 4 weeks for preparing.

and the event of cash-rich was the genuinely scheduled to begin at the end of the month of the march but the COVID-19 pandemic and the restriction of the travel Led to an inexact postponement.

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