IQAir – This Swiss Company is making class leading air purifiers since decades

IQAir – This Swiss Company Is Making Class Leading Air Purifiers Since Decades: The demand for air purifiers has suddenly skyrocketed. A lot has to do with health awareness, but the majority of it is because of the woes of pollution that everyone is facing. However, only buying an air purifier to combat pollution will never suffice – the only thing that will help is buying the right room air purifier. Yes, air purifiers are different, and they differ on many parameters. Technology, design, reliability and trust of the community play a significant role in selecting a room air purifier that works!

Anyone who’s serious about taking control of the air they breathe must make an informed decision. One of the best indoor air solutions brands is IQAir. It puts an end to anyone’s search for an air purifier that is high on specs and delivers outstanding results.

For more than 50 years, IQAir has been making the best air purifiers in the world. Completely flawless products dedicated to nothing but improving air quality. There are facts and proven tests that showcase why IQAir is the first in air quality. From the Swiss craftsmanship to the technology and reliability – air purifiers from IQAir are class-leading with the most serious air purification in the world.

Let’s take a look at what makes IQAir Air Purifiers historical and class leading.

Patented and Medical-Grade HyperHEPA Filtration Technology

Most air purifiers use HEPA filtration technology; however, it is indeed not enough. HEPA filters can only filter till 0.3 microns and cannot filter ultrafine particles. More than 90% of airborne particles are less than 0.003 microns. Furthermore, HEPA filters are completely ineffective against gases and chemicals. Hence, the standard HEPA technology is not enough to fight indoor air pollution.

Here’s where HyperHEPA filtration technology by IQAir sweeps every other air filter.

  • Certification

Air filter by IQAir is world’s first to be certified with European Norm NM 1822 – the stringiest standard in the world.

  • Every Unit Tested to Filter Ultrafine Particles (UFPs)

It filters the smallest particles that exist. Going way beyond 0.003 microns including soot, tobacco smoke and viruses, HyperHEPA filters it all. To present it visually, the particle size that can be filtered by HyperHEPA is 100 times smaller than what others can filter and ten times smaller than a virus.

  • Gas and Odor Filtration

The double gas-phase cartridges are composed of alumina pellet chemisorption media and activated carbon sourced from bituminous coal. The filter absorbs gases and odours thoroughly from the room. Not only this, but it also converts the pollutants to their oxidised form, leaving no trace of any foul odour.

  • Lasts Longer than Any Other Air Purifier

HyperHEPA filter lasts for up to 4 years of standard use – making it 3x longer lasting than a standard air purifier. So, the money spent on replacing HyperHEPA is less in the long run. Furthermore, the cartridges are wrapped in micro-charged post-filter sleeves that make the filter retain its efficiency.

These technicalities are a part of what makes IQAir Air Purifiers the best in air quality.

It is recommended for people with allergies and asthma and is rated the best in the category.

Most Silent German Fan

At 22 dB, the German-engineered high-quality fan motor is the most silent fan in an air purifier. Not only that, it has a powerful free-flow rate of 440m3/hour and is designed for performance. All this is possible due to the eight shock absorbers and aerodynamic fan design, making the fan as silent as possible.


IQAir is the most trusted, awarded and decorated air purifier. It is recommended by numerous associations, health and tech publications, and consumer magazines including Consumer Digest. The brand is also a member of U.S. Green Building Council and is the category winner of the Allergy Buyers Club. There are more accolades to this never-ending list, and some of them are listed below:

  • IQAir is the official partner of the American Lung Association
  • S. Olympic Committee sought IQAir to create an ultra-clean environment for the team during Beijing Olympics
  • Hong Kong Hospital Authority sought IQAir and its experience in air cleaning solution to prevent the spread of SARS

These are real-life achievements – making IQAir worthy of its class-leading title. It is first in air quality, and there are reasons that justify its stature.


The air quality in some parts of India is so bad that the sky is covered with a yellow haze at all times. With the increasing levels of toxicity, the human body is getting affected adversely. Children, seniors, and pregnant women are the ones most affected by this toxicity. To combat this pollution and be protected against its effects – a room air purifier from IQAir is highly recommended. IQAir is an air quality expert and has products across all segments. From room air purifiers for specific purposes to personal air purifiers, car air purifiers and even whole-house systems – IQAir has a solution for all purposes.

It’s a Swiss brand and all products are manufactured in Switzerland. Room air purifier from IQAir is available in India only through BreatheEasy – the official and exclusive partner of IQAir. Get one for your family now and protect everyone’s future.