Iron Lady! Irom Sharmila’s struggle to prove herself an Indian

Iron Lady! Irom Sharmila’s struggle to prove herself an Indian : Indian Iron Lady, famous for her 16 years long fast across the world, Irom Sharmila is now struggling to prove herself an Indian because she has no legal identification document.

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Earlier this month, the right activist – 44 years old broke her 16-year-long peaceful hunger strike against Armed Forces Special Powers Act(AFSPA) and stated that she would contest elections to continue her fight against the act.

But, Sharia has no documents to prove her citizenship. She does not have a Voter identity card, PAN card, or a bank account required for her to contest polls.

As per a report that her friends have begun the paper work to get her all the necessary documents that can prove her an Indian citizen and let her contest the polls.

One of the Sharmila’s friend said in a report that her campaign needs to be crowd-funded. And for that she needs a PAN card and a bank account while it is unimaginable for anyone without a voter ID to be a representative of people

The activist, Sharmila who faces a hostile response from her supporter and suddenly found herself friendless, also acknowledged that people were generally unhappy with her decision to break the fast and enter politics to contest the elections.

From her family to close friends and even neighbours, Sharmila faced protests by locals people and also reported threats by some militant groups in the state and has returned to the same hospital which had been her home for 16 years.

Assembly polls in Manipur are due in the year 2017.

She has been campaigning for scrapping the AFSPA clamped in the northeastern state after 10 civilians were killed by security forces in the year 2000.