Is Bipin Rawat Dead Or Alive? Helicopter Crash In Tamil Nadu Coonoor, 13 People Dead

Is Bipin Rawat Dead Or Alive? Helicopter Crash In Tamil Nadu Coonoor, 13 People Dead General Bipin Rawat is one of the prominent personalities of India as he the Chief of Defence Staff in India. As per the news sources, Chief of Defence Staff General of Indian Army “Chief of Defence Staff” was travelling via a helicopter and his helicopter has crashed. The reason behind this helicopter crash is ambiguous. The plane accident took place along the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. The helicopter was covering the concerned area and all of sudden the helicopter lost its balance and resulted in a helicopter crash on Wednesday.

Bipin rawat helicopter crash or not

It is being said as per the reports that there were 14 people in the Mi-17V5 helicopter wherein the CDS of Indian Army “Bipin Rawat was travelling along with his family. On the accounts of a report given by a ministry of the Tamil Nadu state government, the total number of causality in this accident is 5 earlier. However; the rest of the boarding members have got severe injuries due to the crash of their helicopter. Later, the numbers of the deceased were claimed to reach 13 by some other sources. Nevertheless; there is no confirmation that the CDS Bipin Ravat has passed away or not. In the helicopter, he was travelling along with his family. This news has put the Indians under grief.

Is Bipin Rawat Dead Or Alive?

K Ramachandran, the Forest Minister of Tamil Nadu state, has stated that the rescue operation has rescued the victims of this helicopter crash. Some of the victims have got bruises and some have got critical burns on their skin. As a result, all the victims have been taken to hospital. It is clearly understood from the views of the crash site that, other than the human casualty, this accident created the consequences wherein the mangled remains of the helicopter were billowing thick plumes of smoke.

The Tamil Nadu state government report has also revealed that the crashed helicopter was burning and the local people strived to restrain the fire. Later, all the adequate authorities such that; fire security team, local police and medical team along with the medical team reached the spot of the helicopter crash. The updates related to the status of the CDS of India General Bipin Rawat will be in the media very soon.

Is Bipin Rawat Dead Or Alive? Helicopter Crash In Tamil Nadu Coonoor, 13 People Dead

General Bipin Rawat is the CDS of India. He was announced to be the ever-first CDS of India on December 30, 2019. However; he holed the office of Indian CDS on January 1, 2020. He had also been designated at the post of  57th and last Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee on India. He has also served India as the 26th Chief of Army Staff.

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