Is Kareena Kapoor Khan take a Dig at Priyanka Chopra Over Not Being Married?

Is Kareena Kapoor Khan take a Dig at Priyanka Chopra Over Not Being Married? : Priyanka Chopra aka Alex Parrish in Quantico is gaining popularity and also becoming an inspiration in the B’Town. She has been making waves in Hollywood with Quantico and her upcoming movie Baywatch, but not every Bollywood actor has the same aspirations as her.



In a recent in her exclusive interview with Vogue, made yet another surprising statement for Priyanka’s success in Hollywood, that will leave you astounded! So what did she say? Read on to know.

As Kareena was asked what she thinks about to join Hollywood. Kareena said she does not want to conquer the world.

“Her priorities are very diverse. She thinks it’s marvelous what Priyanka has done. But she doesn’t think She could ever do something like that. She wants to be a married working woman. Her responsibilities are a lot more different than hers.

She said, “She have a husband, She would like to start a family instead. She can’t give up all and migrate to LA. That’s not her. The sort of effort that these girls have put in, you require having that sort of devotion of wanting to succeed so much and do it so spectacularly.”

Also, maybe she’s inactive. She doesn’t want to conquer the world but She doesn’t mind having a little space for her own. It’s as simple as that.” We doubt if this statement of Kareena Kapoor would go fine with PC. We question what would be her response!

Next, the actress also speak about her and hubby Saif Ali Khan’s regular tours to London and here’s what she told: “In London, They have a bunch of friends and family, and the maximum of Saif’s friends are there. She keeps telling him, ‘He has no buddies in India.’ He’s so close to his school buddies. Also, the truth that you can be an actor and cut apart from that world and come here and spend the moments with people who have no approach of Bollywood, we both enjoy that a lot. It’s pleasant to pull out for a while.”