Is Molana Fazal Rehman Dead or Alive? Leaked Death Video Explained

Molana Fazal is getting so much attention on the internet and social media platforms. In our daily life, lots of videos are uploaded on the internet sites and some of them go viral because of their content. Similarly, there is a video coming forward of Fazal which is creating a great buzz on the internet and attracting the interest of people. Now, a question raised whether he is dead or alive and his death hoax is making a storm on the internet. Many of his loved ones and people are worried about him and curious to know more about this topic, so we made an article and shared the complete information related to him.

Is Molana Fazal Rehman Dead or Alive?

Lets us first know about himself, He is a Pakistani politician who served as the president of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F). In addition, he was a  member of the National Assembly who served between 1988 and 2018. He was also a  supporter of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Currently, he is gathering after coming out of the video that featured him and many people are hitting the search engine to watch this video and know more about him. Now, there is a question that is also arriving whether he is alive or not, so scroll down to know more about this viral video.

Is Molana Fazal Rehman Dead or Alive?

This viral video is related to an intimate scene. Although, nothing is said truly or confirmed that it is a hospital’s viral video. This video was shared by the Daily Motion on their official site and we can see in this video that he is lying in the hospital bed and getting treatment but nothing have mentioned about what happened to him. It is shared that this video was recorded secretly and uploaded online which was said to be seven years ago. He is still alive but his death news also ran on the headline of the news once.

It is confirmed that he is still alive but there are lots of rumors or fake news is available on the internet sites but nothing has been announced by any official and verified channel or platform. After a deep search, we confirmed that he is still alive but there is no information shared about his current life. We will update you after receiving more news to this topic and mention it in our article. Stay tuned with dekhnews.com to get more articles like this one or the latest news topics.

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