Is Teresa Fidalgo Dead or Alive? Accident And Picture Revealed Death Hoax Rumours

Teresa Fidalgo’s death news is currently running in the trends of the internet sites and various social media pages. Yes, you heard right now she died in 1983 and later a short clip was shared on the Internet in 2003. Now many people are showing their curiosity to know more about her and raising various questions related to the viral pictures and videos of this incident. There is a video also shared that is getting so much popularity on the internet nowadays. Let’s continue this article and know more about this topic such as the death of Teresa Fidalgo, viral video, and more.

Teresa Fidalgo

In 2003, a video shared on the internet which mostly seems to be a horror movie but was very close to being accurate. Now, this clip is again gathering so much popularity on internet sites. Let us know about Teressa who was killed in a car accident. Her death story is currently surfacing across the world and become popular as her ghost story. Her death story has even been published in newspapers and on local television channels. This ghost story is based on an accident that took place in Portugal in 1983 in which she died and she was only 25 years old at the time of her death.

Is Teresa Fidalgo Dead or Alive?

The video is available to watch on Youtube with the title A CURVA aka Teresa Fidalgo Ghost (Original). It is said that this incident took place on 12 July 2003 and this video was captured by David’s camera. In this incident, three people were involved including David, Tiago, and Tania. The creators of this video also shared that this video is indeed entirely fabricated. The creators also claimed that Rebordão and his team were filming for their movie “Virus” in February 2003 when they developed the concept of Teresa Fidalgo. There is a fake message was also shared following the death of 25 years old girl.

As per the sources, she died while hitchhiking on the road and she had no family at her death time. Her death story has been rewritten multiple times. It is also shared that later her death, she began messaging people on various social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. After her death, a video was shared on the internet in 2003 that featured her with three more people. This video gathered a lot of popularity in a short time period and this video was shared in July 2003. Scroll down to know more about this viral video. Stay linked to dekhnews.com to get more.

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