Is This the Muslim Love of Modi? Those seeking justice dragged on the roads

New Delhi: On Sunday, on the insistence of Arvind Kejriwal, the JNU students protested at the India Gate in the group of hundreds. Kejriwal incited the students of JNU to protest at the India Gate.

Yesterday, Delhi Police also showed the cruelty towards the JNU students and the mother of missing student Najeeb. The police dragged the students on the roads and lifted the students in the police van.


The police also dragged the mother of that student who is missing over the 22 days over a tiff with the other group of the student in the university.

His mother was crying and shouting, but no one listened her voice. She is waiting for her son over a half month.

Who treats a woman like that? What crime is done by Najeeb’s mother that the police showed cruelty towards her and dragged her on the roads and arrested her.

Is it a crime to find her missing son? Is it a crime for a mother to sit at the door of the university for waiting her son who is missing for over 22 days.

Ahmed is  a 1st year M.Sc Biotechnology student in JNU and stayed in Mahi Hostel and hailed from Badayun in Uttar Pradesh.

This is not good what is happening in Delhi right now, Prime Minister Ji. Recently, your police arrested the family members of an ex-service man who demanded for the OROP.

That time, Delhi Police showed the cruelty on the family members of the ex-service man and other leaders also.

What the hell is the beginning of the new tradition in the national capital? Is it the justice for the victims to arrest them.